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New Project! 1968 Volvo P1800 "Bullwinkle"


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Well it isn't a Mustang but it will have some pony in it when I am done. I just purchased a 1968 Volvo P1800. Really a straight car. There has been some repairs done to the rear quarter panels at one time. Looks like a small fender bender by the driver's taillight. Minor rust bubbles in a couple spots but floors and major areas appear to be in great condition.

What are my plans? First thing is to install a MII front end with Wilwood 13" discs (there is where it has some Mustang). Next will come an aluminum LS engine. It is currently setup for a manual but I think I will go with an automatic for this car. It is intended to be a serious cruiser that is easy and fun to drive. The rear end will be a ford 9" or I may go with a narrowed 8.8". Wheels will be 17" and I have always liked the look of Salt Flat racers but I haven't though much about that yet.

The interior will be leather like it came from the factory. I will update it a little but these cars had cool dashes from the factory.

As far as the color goes, I have no idea. Black always looks cool and this car has enough chrome/stainless trim that would look killer. It came from the factory red but I alread have a red car and want something a little different. Perhaps a lime green? :shrug The body will have a couple mods. I have seen one of these car with older European slanted headlights like a 911. I think that would look killer and the nose would look more like a Maserati. Other than that maybe clean up the bumpers a bit. they are a little chunky.

I took some pictures on my phone and will post them up. I won't be able to store the car or work on it until our new house is done so I have arranged for the guy I purchased it from to hold it for me. I will pick it up in October. I should be able to start working on it about December but have no real timeline to complete it.


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Very cool! I love the old Volvos.
The p1800 is a great looking car. I almost bought one a few years ago.

I can't wait to see pics.

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I love that particular Volvo.

I was thinking of doing a Spitfire and the other night I had a lady on my van to Vegas ask me if I wanted to come pick up her basket case spitfire. I accepted and am waiting to hear back from her when she returns from Hawaii.

I am excited and can't wait! I really don't care how many pieces it is in, free is always good!

It will definitely get a V8, with a 5 spd and some kind of independent rear. I am going to go a different direction with my 65 so I can finish it faster.



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I remember those cars! They are so unique and I thought a futuristic design for the time! I'll be watching your build for sure! :part
; )


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Worked for a guy in Phoenix in the mid 70's that modified one with a Ford drive train. That thing was a blast. Looks like a fun project.


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Sweet project - the LS should really wake it up :yah

"B67FSTB" said:
aaahhhh , some stangfixers going european ???? :hide :hide
You might be suprised what shares the garage with some American V-8s
Will the MII front end widen the track width? It kinda looks like it should be pushed out a few inches anyway. Gonna be a cool project. They did a show on Hot Rod TV (the one on Spike) about an LS motor where they dropped a carb and manifold on it, the dizzy was up front so it looked like a ford motor....


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I am looking forward to something a little different. I saw the thread on swedespeed and that is where I will be getting the front suspension from. Rotor to rotor bolt in MII kit for $2500. That includes the rack. Not a bad price if you ask me. Too bad it is quite a bit more money than I paid for the car. :shrug


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The first thing in the new house was the newest car project.

The rest of the move starts today. I hope to have some time by next year to start tearing it down.


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"68EFIvert" said:
The first thing in the new house was the newest car project.
The rest of the move starts today. I hope to have some time by next year to start tearing it down.
Ya gotta have your priorities! Sweet deal! :thu


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I have a little update as well as a question. I'll start with the update. I have been waiting for the MII front suspension kit to arrive for about 3 months now. Way past due but hopefully will be here in a week or so. It has 14" Wilwood brakes with 6 piston calipers, double adjustable coilovers and an IPD swaybar. The rear kit should be in the same box. It is also coilovers, aluminum link bar 4 links and connected to my shortened 8.8" ford rear end. I shortened the rear end by following the link on this site and everything went well except I pressed it in .15" too far. I could have tried to press it back out but decided to get new axles instead. The rear brakes are also 14" Wilwood's with 4 piston calipers. The car should not have any problems stopping. :)

I was going to buy the engine and transmission this month but some family stuff has come up and blew that budget to hell. I'll have to wait a few months on that stuff. In the meantime I have taken the car fully apart and only need to remove the guts for the doors. It will then be ready for dipping or walnut/sand blasting.

Now comes the question. What type of stripping should I use? There doesn't seem to be much rust but there is a fair amount of bondo. I think the car will be a little more work than I originally planned when it comes to the body but not too bad. The blaster wants to use walnuts on most of the car and in the tough areas use sand. The downside of sand blasting from what I can tell is the mess that will always be with the car. The good is that it is a little bit cheaper.

Dipping the car would be great becasue it would neutralize any rust and strip the car down EVERYWHERE including inside areas I can't reach. That is also the bad part. I have also read that it can come out of the seams if not fully cleaned which can lead to paid problems later.

I am leaning toward the blasting but would like to hear what you have to say about it including personal experiences. Thanks.


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I would LOVE to have one dipped if I ever had te chance. Do they not neutralize it after dipping?

And some NICE progress as well! I am digging that car.


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Why not soda or some kid of ice blasting ??
I have read something about it some time ago ! :confu :confu :confu