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FORSALE Snapon Road box


Ramrod extraordinaire
Ive owned this tool box since 1990 and have really loved it. However, in recent years Ive collected many more tools than there is room. Im looking at a two-piece roller. This box has 27 c.f. in size. All drawers are removable. There is a heavy duty handle on each side. Not sure what to ask so let me here your interest and offer. (edit: Tools NOT included however original key and Snap-On key fob for lock ARE included).


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Ramrod extraordinaire
A quick search found that this box originally sold for $1895 !! YIKES !! I didn't pay that but I did trade a used Dodge truck for it. There are a couple of almost identical boxes on ebay listed for $1400 so I would consider an offer + shipping or you pick up or we meet half way some in between. Thanks for looking.