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Name That Car...extended

I was finally able to collect one of my valuable prizes. I had to make a two hour round trip, stopping for lunch, but I came home a winner. A set of four slightly used valve stem caps. Yes, one is cracked...that is just patina. I tried to collect the spork for another player, but i was directed to the closest KFC.

valve cap.jpg
Ordinarily I'd jump at that, but somehow it wouldn't feel right if I didn't earn them.
nobody could possibly earn two sporks from Mike. It goes without saying that they will be gently used before he gives them away.
Well these are the special mini traveling sporks. Not the standard issue sporks.

Here they are...at the top the spoon and on the bottom the fork. No wait. Switch that.
SF Mini Sporks.jpg
They came in a variety pack including left, right and ambidextrous. As far as being cheap I beg to differ. They came in a pack of 1,000 at Costco for only three payments of $49.95. I bet you can't wait to see the prizes for the next round of "Name That Car!" :p
I already told you they were ambidextrous. How kinky of an explanation do you want?:p