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Name That Car...extended


Welcome truth back
When we last left the game no one had answered the Year, Make, Model of this car.
Winner will be allowed to fly anywhere they want.
SF AmGraf'23 26.jpg
It kind of resembles my old Dodge Dart, but it didn't curve out in the middle.
69 plymouth roadrunner...a red one ?

Verstuurd vanaf mijn SM-A605FN met Tapatalk
Winner! Winner! Chicken dinner!
Now take yourself to the nearest airport and book that flight. Be sure to have your credit card ready.
SF AmGraf'23 27.jpg
Now this next one is so easy the prize will be limited to one. A used plastic spoon.

SF AmGraf'23 29.jpg
Or Plymouth late 50s

BTW Happy Bathurst weekend..

Gen 3 mustang vs camato. 1000km race over 6 hours non stop.