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Home battery storage


The NorCal dude from Belgium
Should anybody ask what I am doing lately...well , building a 14.3 Kw home battery storage system for my son.
I did install this last year in my own home. I used the Multiplus II from Victron together with their Cerbo GX communicationmodul and a DIY 48V battery with bms.
The same setup is going to my sons house.
This time I try to build it cheaper then mine.



Verstuurd vanaf mijn SM-A605FN met Tapatalk
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You're an amazing guy Bruno. When you're finished with that I have some jobs for you....
Amazing ? No , just a simple guy who tries or think he can do lots of things. My handicap is that I am interested in lots of things whether I can do it or not.

What jobs ?? For a bed and 3 meals a day I will come over and help you out !!! But I am unfamiliar with kangeroos !!!