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Colour time....

Johnny M

Active Member
As my build is heading towards final bodywork i am starting to toy with what colour i am going to paint my E-car.....I was always leaning towards the standard Pepper Grey/black stripes but i am not 100% sure about it....

Sometimes I look at pics of Joe Sanborn's all black car (which i have seen in person) and Richard's Supersake and i wonder...

So, the reason for my post is that i need some pictures from you guys. I have tonnes of pics of grey E-cars and pics of the few black paint jobs i have come across but if anyone has pictures of E-cars painted in colours other than the standard grey could you email them to me.

Especially the darker colours with something different with the stripes. All pics Welcome.




Active Member
Paint it this colour, or you're a nancy.

Johnny M

Active Member
"AtlantaSteve" said:

I hate to be a stickler, I know people should make their cars look how THEY want them to look...but for my money, there's only ONE way for an Eleanor to look...everything else is just wrong.

Click here for the RIGHT Color

Have you got the paint code for that colour? or do i just ask for the "Great Stuff" colour at the paint shop?


New Member
Yeah that car had or first 04-05 cobra coil over set-up on it and it was adjusted high at the time car also has true knock off wheels


New Member
HI jason ill tell glen you said hi when he gets back from AZ i think i have talked to you before i ran the shop back then names Brian been with glen 4 years now before that worked at mustang plus for 2 and had my own shop in there as well