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Working on a new product.


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Now that I have this 65 & something to work with, I’m working on a new shock tower reinforcement kit for the 65-66 cars. So far it’s turning out really good, much improved from that kit that was on the market a few yrs ago that looked like a bunch of bent straps. On the hunt now for a pair of old 65-66 shock towers& the rail sections underneath the towers for a bench top fitment/ welding jig. These will pretty much cap the whole lower part of the tower once the final adjustments are made.

not the greatest pics but all I have right now. This is a pattern set made out of scrap diamond plate so the bends aren’t the greatest, but will be better when transferred to regular steel stock. Still have to transfer the back to pieces from cardboard to steel, but this should give a good idea. EE0D132E-116A-40E4-847C-30437BD6292B.jpegD90F5C49-1ECB-40B8-BD0B-F37B8245E5A4.jpeg83FFF096-3028-49CE-BD40-1B6A1695FCAC.jpeg1974AFCC-83EF-4627-8054-F284AA714DF6.jpegThoughts?


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Interesting. Good luck with it.

I did not go this route with my car. I did a bit of extra welding to the stock metal and other than torque boxes that was it. So far so good. This does remind me to keep an eye on things. If I did it again I would surely go this route simply because of the ease and piece of mind it would give.


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John was after me to develop something a few yrs ago, but didn’t have a car available with the motor out to pattern, then the move to the mountains etc. Got to thinking about it a couple weeks ago while fiddling with this 65 I picked up & figured now was the time to do something.