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Wanted to buy or borrow or pay it forward


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I'm looking for a well-used and in-your-way chassis cart. Not some wooden contraption that would fail at the worst time. But a real steel cart purpose made for a 1966 Mustang Fastback GT. Willing to drive up to 100 miles from metro Atlanta to retrieve it. Thanks for reading my rambling posts.

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Your request is kind of like looking for a needle in a haystack. Sounds like you want to get your hands on a rare piece as it is but also judging by your post at a very low cost. All within a 100 miles of your area. I'm guessing that there are not a whole lot out there to begin with let alone in the hands of someone who frequents here in your neighborhood.

How about slowing down a bit and telling us about your project. Yourself. You've only just started posting here. As far as i know, no one here knows anything about you or your ride. People tend to be more helpful once they get to know a little about you.


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Mustang Steve is about the only Stangfix member in the Atlanta area. He doesn't post much anymore. There are a few of us in Tennessee and Kentucky which would be the next closest. I don't think I have read about anyone having one though.


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It would take a few hours and $100 worth of steel to make one. Get after it!


I Don't Care. Do you?
Looks like some 1 inch square tubing. Doesn't look difficult to built.
More along the lines of 2" square but yes, not hard to build once you knew where you wanted it to attach to the body. I'd locate it at the front mount for the rear springs and then maybe a fixture to attach at the trans crossmember location? Think that would be fairly balanced.