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Vicious Mustang?


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I didn't know where to post this, the Eleanor subforum seemed about the closest.

Ran across some youtubes on a mustang named Vicious. I imagine people will either love it or hate it with no middle ground. I fall into the love it category, although my preference would have been to make it less race and more streetable… I think driving it will get old pretty quick. But with the $$ they supposedly spent on it, I cannot imagine driving it anywhere on the street, with all the idiot drivers out there today. So I guess while I love the concept, it's totally impractical for anything other than a showpiece.

Has anyone else seen it and what are the opinions?
First off, here's a link to the builder's site


Now opinion time. I am a detail freak when it comes to building anything. This car handles that part of the build to perfection. To me though the problem is almost all their design elements strike me as just ugly. The more detail you put into ugly the worse it gets. This car looks like someone tried to one up the Ring Bros and got on that fine line path they walk between cool and bizarre and just ran with it...right off the rails.
That has to be the flat out ugliest front fascia of all time. The raised elements on the front fenders seem as much out of place as they possibly might. It's like they felt they had to find a way to alter the body and that was the worst thing they came up with. The rear exhaust is just stupid. I guess what is supposed to be some kind of aerodynamic bits beneath are laughably hideous. And those boxy appearing what have to be after-thought vent like things behind the grossly enlarged front wheel flares look like something a third grader might draw up.

I do like a lot of the interior though. The rear seat delete area is nice. That dash though. Ugh. Hell of a engine though. I don't think it has any chance of living up the builder's name, however. No way this could ever be a "timeless" anything other than maybe waste of a lot of talent and cash. I may be a bit opinionated though. :p
hmmmm it's not 100% clear, but I think you in the hate it category... lol.

yeah there are some things I would have done differently, but the concept I am 100% behind. Modern in every way except the wrapper that clearly has the Mustang heritage. definitely pushes the envelope in a few ways.

one of the videos I watched talked about the ugly channels on top of the front fenders. said the car was strictly function over form and they were for airflow to cool the ceramic brakes.
I looked at a few of the other cars they have on their site and can say they are at least consistent. Their build quality looks incredible. They desperately need to get a better designer on staff. What they did to that Impala, Vette and this mustang is criminal. Some restraint was shown on a couple others and they look like really nice rides.
We'll you can put me the hate it category.

I'm by no means a purist. I'm all for a well done modified. I just don't like anything about that one. Not staying that the quality is the problem. It's just ugly.

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It looks as bad as Mark in his kitchen apron...worse if that is even possible.
Not my cup of tea. Very good craftsmanship but seriously a waste of a 65 Fastback.

If I were to invest that much and do something that radical, I would start with a Dynacorn body.

The problem is if I tried something like that it would look like Homer Simpson's spice rack in comparison.


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Did you see the 185000 bux for the 67 fb project? I bet there is half a mil in the viscous car.

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wow 100% against. I stand duly chastised...lol

o well, ass for every seat I guess, it's what keeps life interesting.
Definitely not attractive much. But the detail, as Terry said, is off the charts.

I look at cars like this like concept cars from the auto manufacturers. Some of the stuff "may" find its way to wide use but some of it won't. It's a lot of "let's see if we can do this" Much like the Ring Bros., they push the envelope of design. Sometimes they win and sometimes they don't.
Too many details I DONT like . . . HARD pass. That being said I WAS considering adding some Hoonigan flares to my '65 restomod for a few days. Came to my senses and decided that a full race car would be a better candidate.
Thats certainly no design let alone a quality built.
Someone TRIES to be a designer but has a long way to go !! Ugly switches, ugly cluster and ugly diffuser to begin with.