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True Noob


New Member
Hey all, I'm a newbie in every aspect. About a month ago I purchased my first Mustang (2012 V6 Coupe) with high milage. But I've always been a fan of the Mustang's aesthetics since I was a teenager. I've never been a true "car enthusiast" but love a great chase scene in films (The SF chase scene in McQueens Bullitt is classic).

Anyway, I'm here to learn, listen, become self sufficient with my new investment (not in the monetary sense but investment of time and effort to keep this 'stang running for a lifetime) and feed this growing curiousity and long time love of these cars!

Be well

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Always on vacation!
Welcome to the asylum. We all have a sickness and I'm afraid there is no cure. Once you catch it, your life is forever better for it.

Lots of great knowledge here and lots of great people that care! Lots of passion too.

I have a 67 and an 18. Happy to help where I can.

Again welcome.


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New Member
Thanks everyone for the positive welcome. I'll add some pics the next time I get her detailed.

Anyone one in Chicagoland and can suggest reliable mechanics or tips on diy maintenance?

Thanks again!

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I Don't Care. Do you?
Welcome. I'm out west in Naperville. Can't say I know of any mechanics to recommend. You'll always be your own most reliable mechanic. Just don't bite off more than you can chew. Routine maintenance is pretty simple given you have the facility (garage) and tools for each task. No better way to learn your car than wrenching on it. If you do not have the past maintenance history details on your new ride, I'd suggest starting with a quality oil and filter changes.


What did the moron say today?
Yeah they're here to help. I don't include myself because I learned from these guys. I have the cleanest headlight fluid because of their knowledge.


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Hi all, I joined this forum via an app, Tapatalk. Unfortunately, the username and avatar I chose are not showing up and I don’t see a way to edit it. Unless there’s some tips on this I’m going to abandon this profile and return as “Queenz Kid in the Chi” pending approval from admin.