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Tired of the white stuff


The party’s over
We’ve had two snowstorms blow through this week. At 18” so far. The wind is blowing it all into drifts now.

That's not so bad. It is suppose to rain here today. That means my car will get dirty and I'll have to clean it again.:eek:
Snow we can deal with its the temps that are plain stupid right now. -10 F right now and that is without any wind chill factor. Projected high's for the next couple days are all negatives too.
I was just outside. it was -17 and -42 wind chill. drifts out to the road and bigger drifts covering the road. The Bronco is outside so the 66 won't freeze. At least I don't have to deal with diesel fuel gelling anymore!
I’m 30 miles north of Seattle and we had a low of 7* yesterday. Coldest I’ve seen in the 30 years living here. Very glad I have a heated floor in the garage.
The Bronco has done a good job plowing snow backwards so far. There was a fairly significant drift at the end of the drive. I lifted the blade, engaged both lockers and made a run for it. Almost made it through before it high centered. Had to do some digging but did get it out. Thankfully my neighbor has a 7’ two stage blower on the back of his tractor. He cleared the big drift for me.