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Show Us Whatcha Got!


"joesgt281" said:
very nice.
love to get a ride in it someday. :pep

I get a ride in it before you do, Joe.

And everything's my fault...Good to see you over here, TOOTS!


I'm working on it, I'm working on it!! Good god....these things DO take a little time, you know. And need buyers as well.


Nice car. I always thought the '96-98 cars looked the best as Saleens.


well thanks ya.
and actually they had the same style since 94....and I finally picked up a 94 S351 the other day.
here's a few of the pics:



70 StangMan

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2007 GT w/GT apperance pkg.Leather interior. Basicly stock except for set of Flowmaster exhaust and "C" stripe kit. Next step is to lower it 2"s


that's probably my favorite color on the S197s.
beautiful car.
post some more pics, especially after you drop her.


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New here, I have a '67 Coupe that's undergoing Modmadness surgery but here's the wife's ride:



It's an '09 Warriors in Pink edition, I contacted Ford and found out they only made 199 of this model (Premium V6 to start) in White, Silver and Black. Ford donated $500 from each car sale to the Susan G. Komen Fund for Breast Cancer research, my wife is a survivor and this was her reward for completing her treatment in Feb. '09 (I shaved her head...).

It has some nice features like the billet grill w/o pony, pink hood stripe and 'ribbon' down the side (kind of reflective 'rose' color), mustang fender badges with the ribbon behind them. The interior leather is all stiched with pink thread - seats, steering wheel and the floor mats have the BC ribbon embroidered on them. She has the special order glass roof with sunshade which is our favorite feature as we haven't seen another WIP with this and very few Mustangs with it at all. It has really helped to get her out of her shell but she gets more awards and recognition than my '67 ever did....I think I've created a monster...

I'd like to change the muffler to a GT for a little more sound and do a CAI and tune as she now wants a little more power, I figure the louder exhaust will make her think it's faster...


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Those are sweet cars for the reason they did them. On my GT. I removed the mufflers (the rest is stock) and add an 18" x 4" tip welded to a pipe to copy the stock pipes and added a CAI. Worked out nice. You might try to pick up some GT take offs and make it duals. I think that is a pretty easy conversion.


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Thanks Pete, I really like your vert., tried to talk her into one but she's supposed to avoid the sun when possible and the glass roof has layers of UV, etc. and doesn't seem to add any road noise. I originally wanted a '67 vert but knew it'd be difficult to keep dry and I'm planning on driving mine alot so the '09 would have sealed up much tighter.

I thought about doing the duals but haven't read that it adds anything other than sound to the V6 and I'd have to put them on which means stopping on my '67 and it'll cost more, if I just do the single for now (~$35) it'll change the sound and is a quick change. I may go duals in the future.