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SCOTT DRAKE missing screws


The NorCal dude from Belgium
A while ago , I mounted the billet gas cap on my fastback.
Its a twist on gas cap which is easier then a pop open gas cap when filling her up.
Although I didn't drive the fastback alot since the installation of the billet gas cap ( maybe 15mls) and occasionally fire her up to charge the battery , I noticed 3 black screws were missing !!! The other ones were lose and nearly out of the thread !!
I took some loctite to secure the rest of the screws.
Later that day , I realized that other people must have that problem too !!
So here is a warning for those that have such a gas cap on their cars.

I gave SCOTT DRAKE a mail where I could find such screws and they instantly offered me to sent a couple of screws for free.

Thanks SCOTT DRAKE !! :thum :thum

Now I am a happy camper again . :bow


I Don't Care. Do you?
Thanks for the heads up, Bruno. I, like probably everyone else, would have assumed they had been installed with Loctite when originally assembled.