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May 2021 HVR at Heartland Park


Burning Fossil Fuels at c2
Another race weekend has come and gone. So much fun, it should almost be illegal!

Most of the weekend it rained. The track was only kinda dry for one race per day. It was like racing on I35 in an ice storm...What a Blast! We had a club high of 15 racers and everyone went home with a running, intact car minus one, and the rain got the best of that one car (80 Vette). We had two up and coming vintage racers attend the HPDE with NASA Central and they both were awesome, not only on the track, but in the paddock as well.

Here's just a few pics. I hope more come in to me soon. Maybe Patrick will post his car too.

IMG_9721 (Large).JPG

IMG_9722 (Large).JPG

IMG_9723 (Large).JPG

IMG_9724 (Large).JPG

A real Superformance continuation Daytona Coupe!



No good deed goes unpunished
You need to turn that passenger side eyeball inwards for that cross-eyed look. And where are the {.} ?

Thanks for sharing !



Well-Known Member
Just add some big ears to the car and it will remind me of a certain someone......