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Looking for help with wheels

We are finishing our first GT350CR and would like opinions on wheels. Let me know which style you recommend

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I just ordered a set of Boze Performance wheels for my Volvo P1800 project. I placed the order just before Thanksgiving and am told they will be here next week. If interested I can put them on the Mustang and give you a view of what they will look like. LMK. For now here is a link to the wheels. Not much out ther on the web since they are a new design this past fall.


A lot of modern wheels I see on classics just do not look right. I think that most of the time people try to put wheels on that look too big.

I do however think those wheels you have in that picture look pretty good on that car.


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I think any classic looking 5 spoke design looks nice. I know the Torq Thrust wheel is everywhere but they sure look good on classic Stangs.