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Just officially set my retirement date.

The day will come when you WON'T know what day it is. Retirement is fun.
I only know what day it is in the morning when I open my weekly pill container. I took out Fridays pills this morning, so today must be Friday. ;)

Congratulations!!!!Know few people that are retiring in my industry. I’m already getting asked if I want to a management position when one guy retires.
Well plans change. My wife's bone cancer has progressed to the point that they want to do a bone transplant but think she is too frail. They do not think she would survive the procedure. Going to talk to the work boss this afternoon. I might be retired as of now. I want to spend any time left with Julie.
So sorry things are going this way, John. Sounds like you are making the right choices. Prayers for Julie and you.
Sorry to hear that John.

We'll keep you guys in our prayers.

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Work Boss told me to take as much time as I want. He told me he does not want to lose me so keep the option open to coming back. I can work as little as I want, work remote, do support, etc.

A lot to think about.

This morning took just over half of my herd of cattle to the sale barn to reduce the amount of work that they are. The market for selling is crazy high right now, almost double this time last year.

Then my Mom (89) took a fall while I was out with the last load of cows. When it rains, it pours.