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I'm ready for super summer to be over


Corn Hauler
Time for the temps to get back to the 90's were they belong this time of year.

It was 111 Friday when I had to move 30 bales of hay into the hay sheds. The heat wore me out.

90s !!! Thats already to hot for me !
Today was 82°F and already to hot for me. Just worked in the morning till noon.
Afternoon was siesta time !!
Hard to sympathize with you riding a tractor all day long...instead of loading the hay bales by hand!
Here in Montrose, CO its been low 90s but cooler in the evening. Here with two other RVers from Fort Worth area and both brag about how hot Texas is.
Today is a jeep ride in the Rockies out of Ouray.
Someone is enjoying life to the fullest !!

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