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Ford Ammeters

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I found links to these very informative posts on VMF, but they actually reside on allfordmustangs.com. He talks about what the ammeter actually is and how to improve the sensitivity. I have edited the attachment to include an earlier post by the same author, and the attachment is now 9 pages long. Since I plan to switch to Dakota Digital retro tech, I have no need to make the modification, but for those of you that want to actually have a useful (or working) ammeter you will definitely find the attached Word file useful. Kudos to Ivy66GT who went to all the trouble to figure this out.


  • Ford ammeters 3.docx
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Yes. The ammeter is basically a volt-meter that measures the difference in voltage from the alternator input into the battery and the battery itself. What this person does is to move the wire that measures alternator output (input into the battery at the furthest point from the battery) and the alternator output itself to a place closer to the ignition switch. Now that's more wire between the alternator and the battery, making the ammeter a bit more sensitive.

I don't offer this service, as I don't like to butt-splice or solder 10 gauge wires together unless I absolutely have to.