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Eleanor Mustang Project - Real or Fake News?


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Is this for real?

Popular YouTube car builder, Chris Steinbacher of ‘B is for Build’s latest project – a 1967 Eleanor Mustang - has reportedly been seized by the Gone in 60 Seconds production company for violations of trademarkings and copyright.

Eleanor and its Chip Foose-designed likeness - as it appears in the 2000 movie remake - is a copyrighted and trademarked ‘character’, with rights held by the widow of the late H.B. Halicki – the creator of the original 1974 Gone in 60 Seconds film.

Steinbacher states: "because of that, you can’t go build an ‘Eleanor’ without first getting a licence for the Eleanor name and look and image, as she appears in the Gone in 60 Seconds movie".



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Something seems off about that situation. I saw a bit of it on the mustangs to fear forum. Rich said that even if that guy was sued they couldn't take the car simply for trademark infringement.

MTF is a whole business that was literally built on making Eleanor cars. I'm sure they've dealt with this issue. That might be why they call their items "E-style" or "movie style" instead of outright calling it Eleanor.

Quoting Rich from his forum:

"It's also not legal. What you don't understand is they only have the word Eleanor trademarked. They DON'T HAVE TRADE DRESS, which is the actual look of the car. They list it everywhere that they do but it's not correct. Chris, the guy on You Tube, has done more damage than you can imagine. He believed their lies. Go on Ebay and you'll see almost 400 parts for sale listed as Eleanor under parts and accessories."


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Does seem strange that they could take the car. Maybe put a stop order on the build maybe, but not take it.