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Easter pork


just some guy
Used to do ham on Easter. Last year smoked a pork butt and pulled it. This year I found two butts on sale and froze them. Wife doesn't really like BBQ and even SHE liked it last year.
Kind of had a problem though. Last year I had some red sauce I scored off a friend. He got it from an old man who has retired from actively barbecuing but still makes batches of his sauce every little once in a while. If you are family AND beg and plead. Apparently. I don't actually know this old man but his sauce was a real hit.
Stars aligned and I ran into my buddy and asked. He happened to have gotten some AND some extra to hook me up with. It was funny. I took a picture of the half full gallon milk jug of red stuff and texted it to my wife with no explanation. She texted back "Is that what I think it is". I texted back simply a yes and her reply "Oh yeah! The BBQ is ON."
She informed one of my daughters what we were going to do and the first words out of her mouth were "Does pop have that same sauce as last time?" I currently have at least two offspring already drooling over Sunday dinner.
Prepping the smoker now. I smoke stuff the old hard way. No electricity, timers, pellet feeders, none of that. I do love my digital thermometers though.
Nothing lasts forever so at some point I expect I will no longer be able to score this sauce. THEN what the heck am I going to do? Getting my hands on it is kind of hit and miss already. Suggestions of replacements to try would be appreciated.
Almost killed me, but I managed to drag myself out of bed at 5 AM (on a Sunday!) and get it all going. As usual, it turned out great. Eventually. Took ALL day, all the charcoal, and ALL the hickory. Everyone really liked it. Daughter and I both ate entirely too much and are both suffering a bit. :) A good day altogether.
Pics would be great. Sounds like some good eats. I will be retiring this Friday and now I will have time to try my hand at some smoking and bbq. I. Have been googling a lot of different ideas.