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Cutting up a 30,000 Mile 2002 Mustang GT...


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I had a little "Roadkill" style adventure today.
My son has been driving the 99GT now for quite a while. It's a 5 speed and he actually uses the parking brake. He tends to be a little aggressive when pulling up the handle and it finally caught up with him. He ripped the parking brake handle right out of the floor!

So next part of the story...
My son's friend in HS has a pretty cool dad who is also into cars. He teaches welding at the HS VoTech shop. Well he recently bought a a 2002 GT with only 30,000 miles. (Long story short, the car was a friend of his car that he kept immaculate. The owners daughter wrecked her car and borrowed dad's low mileage GT. And guess what? She rolled it.) Anyway, it was bought for the drivetrain for another project. He took it up to the school to have the kids take it apart. So now it's a stripped hull. The doors were still on so they filled it with scrap from the welding class and old parts like brake rotors, etc. But he said we could come and cut the part of the floor we needed out of it. We get there and decide it was way more work than it would be worth to empty the car. But we decided we could use a torch and cut it out from underneath. Well, I find myself laying on the ground outside the school under a car shell sitting on cinder blocks. Broken glass and what ever else on the ground. I'm under there cutting away and some crud or junk or who knows what is burning inside under all the scrap. My son goes inside to get a fire extinguisher just in case (the students and teacher get a bit excited!). Turns out it was some computer module of some sort but it was making a lot of smoke and flames. The fuel tank was gone but the lines were still under there so I tried not to torch those for fear they might have some left over fuel in them. Difficult to move and see and work in this situation but I got it cut out. Then we went scrounging for some way to put out the fire. I know if you use the extinguisher the school has to report it so I didn't want to pull the pin. The fire was going pretty good but not "out of control". So my son finds a janitor and got a mop bucket and I scrounge around the auto shop and find an old antifreeze jug and fill it in the drinking fountain. (All of this while school is going on by the way). We got the fire out and cleaned up our mess, thanked everyone and left without incident. I should have thought to take some pics!IMG_2668.jpg IMG_2669.jpg
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