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castor advise


Hey John,

trying to get my 65 alignment in the ballpark so I can pic out some tires (want to go widest possible on the front)...

I am following your street specs and got the drivers side pretty close using my longacre gauge. Having trouble getting the passengers to have enough castor, I am at +.5 degrees and the wheel is already about .25" farther forward than I would like... as you know 1/4 to 1/2" is all the difference in the world on 65's for tire clearance.

I have the arning drop, my homemade version of your roller uppers, adjustable strut rods, am planning on 235 45 17 tires and have already uneven shimmed the UCA's by about 3/16" (which I am not a huge fan of)... any ideas?

Any input would be appreciated...




Did you try rotating the UCA shaft forward which moves the arm back?


"silverblueBP" said:
Did you try rotating the UCA shaft forward which moves the arm back?

Can't, I have homegrown opentracker style roller UCA's, I can probably re-machine one shaft shoulder to shift the arm and put in a spacer to take up the gap...

But maybe it would be easier to just machine a tapered shim that supports the entire pivot shaft to increase the uneven shimming (without the risk of bending the shaft)...