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Autometer electric speedo erratic


Active Member
So putting this here because maybe it's electric related, I dunno. I have all autometer gauges in my dash. everything working except the electronic speedo. all the lighting works, all the other gauges function. the speedo needle jumps all around when driving, won't register any speed. I went thru the calibration steps and that part seemed to go as expected, but as soon as I finished it went back to being all erratic. All the other gauges function as expected. I used common ground for all my gauges so thinking it's not a ground issue. It's tied to a sending unit on the T5 tranny. I am 99% sure I got the speedo sensor from Modern Driveline where I got my trans, so thinking it should be compatible.

I plan to double check all the wiring when I get time to tear the dash back apart, but until then if anyone has any ideas of what to else check, I am all ears.

thanks everyone...


Active Member
I had the same issue. Never got it figured out but it sure was annoying. I assumed it was an error during the calibration process.