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Are there plugs/connections for the rear harness?


I know I can climb under the dash and start looking, but my light source isn't that great right now. I am starting to pull the wiring out of the car, starting from the rear working forward. I have everything disconnected at the rear/trunk area, and although I haven't tried, it seems the brake light connectors may be a bit big to fit through over the quarter panel. I can try pulling it, but figured I would ask if there was a plug on the other side that was smaller and pull it from the back rather than pull all the light sockets over the wheel well.

Also, are there any good schematics/books, I have a Haynes manual that is almost useless, lol...


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Best to pull all wiring into the rear quarter panel, so the rear tail-lights go up and over the hump and the front section goes back through the sill and a hole below the door jamb. You may have to take that front section up and over the hump into the rear trunk. You do have to take the rear quarter panel off, though, as the harness gets caught on that hole.