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90* slip-on connector pigtail availability


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How many of you have the 90* connectors busted out and replaced with ring connectors or other ad hoc devices? Most Mustang catalogs list a pigtail for repairs, but they are not large enough to fit over the #10 screw posts that Ford used everywhere. Even NAPA doesn't have the right part, although they say it fits Fords from the vintage era. I finally found a cheap supply of the right size (0.190" x 18") from a truck supply outfit, but they don't sell directly to the public. I found a reasonably priced source from Ryder Fleet Products: $0.97 each, but their website says quantity of 10 minimum. Here's the link:


Hope this helps y'all out!


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Thanks! I tried and failed to find these myself. One more drawer soon to be stocked in my wiring component cabinet.