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71 - 73 Mustang auto shifter lever to AOD Steel Rod Conversion


I have decide to make a new shifter rod assembly per Craig's diagram, kindly provided by Horseplay. I went to Speedway racing and purchased these items to start.



I will provide pictures of my progress.


All my new parts in for the new shifter linkage. I am starting to wonder if I should replace the Dog leg arm with the new adjustable arm. I found a person on YouTube who had this lever and was able to dial the shifter positions on the floor shifter. Any thoughts?

Just spoke to Tech Support @ Performance Automatic about the Dog Leg shifter Arm for the AOD. I explained my issues and they came back with recommending I use the Lokar arm in the above picture. He also mentioned, that they stopped making the dog leg, or Hockey stick leg due to manufacturing costs. They will be going back to the Hockey style arm once they locate a cost effective way to make it. The Lokar ATA -1001 shaft and arm with 5/16 slot is on order.

I may have come up with a valid solution for the 1971 - 1973 Mustang AOD conversion shifter rod to floor shifter.

Original Shifter lever


When you remove the bushing with original shifter rod pawl, it leaves a big hole. I pressed in with my vise, a 5/16-24 Hex Nut - The QA1 HFR5SZ H will screw right in-Just add a jam nut to the other side.



Here is my list - The 16 inch rod was a bit short. I purchased a 17 inch rod from Midwest Control Products. They do have a 17.50 length rod. The 17.00 seems to work good.


TR3125-17.000, Rods, Threaded, 5/16-24 LH/RH, 17.000 inches Long, Plated Steel with 2.500 inches of thread length on each end

QA1 HFR5SZ H Series Rod End, Chromoly Steel, 3-Piece, Each


QA1 HFR5Z H Series Rod End, Chromoly Steel, 3-Piece, Each


I will submit the rod diagram with the bend lengths. I used the Lokar style rod that I first used. I mirrored the, from the end to the bend.