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2023 Use it or Lose it - Hope to get more done this year


Corn Hauler
Due to life, did not get much done last year. Took a couple days of me time to start this year.

Pulled out an old Craftsman toolbox to put my primary socket sets in. I cleaned it and lubed the sliders. Used a polishing wax followed by clay bar and a good carnauba wax. Next is to put put some Karzen foam for the tool inserts.


I was given his drawer unit a couple moths ago, it was full of nut, bolts and washers. I'm putting most of the hardware in my scrap bin (There was just too much to sort).

I'm cleaning it up, painting and putting a lot of my lamp supplies in them.


Time to procure some more children, as they are good at sorting nuts and bolts after a few years...
Started cleaning some punches I found in my Dad's shop. The 4th one up from the bottom says Stanley but no part number, any idea what it was used for?Punches.jpg
Getting thing cleaned up, threw a bunch of stuff away or into the recycling bin. got a lot of tools sorted. Also got my new stoem doors installed so they are now out of my way.

Holy, moly what did that base piston come from?
Way back when I was in the Coast Guard my ship (an old WW2 vintage destroyer escort), went into dry dock and we freshened up the engines which were GM V12 diesels. We removed each cylinder head, all 12 of them, with a chain hoist to expose the pistons and then we climbed into the cylinders, stood on the piston tops and used emery cloth to touch-up the walls. I guess they didn't have a hone big enough. My only comment is that there is a right way, the wrong way, and the Coast Guard way. The pistons must have been at least 20" across.
Bought the bottom piston at a flea market, it was in box full of pistons of various sizes. There was one bigger in the box that I am carving into a skull..