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May 2023 Thunder in the Heartland Vintage Race


The party’s over
Had a blast this weekend with Patrick and the rest of my HVR brothers in Topeka, KS. The car was perfect, fast and drove it onto the trailer at the end of the day. All very good things!
We had 17 registered, but due to unforeseen circumstances, only had 14 show up to race. We had two new guys trying to get their novice license (Cougar and 240Z) and two new to us racers from Minnesota (#36 Vette and #17 Falcon). I ran my fastest laps to date at this track and had the best time behind the wheel! It was unbearably hot and took a toll on my ability to concentrate which shows up at the end of the race video. YES, Patrick actually made sure that I got some in-car video this time!

Pics and video to follow. I’ll let Patrick chime in on his weekend. I will say that as the official HVR super chef, he does that service better than those so called tv chefs could ever dream about!!


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One more and the video link. It may be boring, but watch to the end. It’s worth it :D



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Some day I need to get to one of these races. Sounds like a blast.

Glad to hear the car made it home in one piece too.

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Looked like it was alot of fun! Lucky that area was open grass and not a wall. Hopefully nothing broke!
And then that damn subpar driver mod showed up again...:D At least you were pushing the hell out of it.
As usual...had a great race weekend...at least while I was racing. Truck gave me some fits getting there and back. I only got to race Saturday. Somehow, the clutch fork pivot bracket in the bellhousing decided to bend flat allowing the clutch fork to disengage from the throw-out bearing...:mad:. Still had a great time with all the race brethren.

BTW...Mark's car is blazing fast and very well sorted...he easily pulled away from the field. Fun to watch on Sunday...if you watched his video, you'll notice he did a little "farming". Apparently he wasn't satisfied with the job I had done previously in the exact same location on Saturday...:D.