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Clutch for tkx behind SBF


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Getting parts together for my TKX swap into my 68. What's everyone like for a 26 spline clutch? I had a Centerforce in a T5 when I had my coupe, doesn't seem like centerforce makes anything that fits a 10.5" clutch and 26 spline though.

Seeing a few options from McLeod and Ram. I've heard of both, but been looking at McLeod more. Open to hearing everyone's opinions.

Need something to fit a 157 tooth Ford Performance flywheel. McLeod offers different tiers with various compounds. I know I'll need the stud and bolt kit to mount whatever clutch kit I choose, too.

This will be on a street driven nice weather car with potentially the occasional autocross event.
I put a RAM set-up in my mustang and am going the same way on the truck. Handles the power from the stroker well but also has good street manners. Be wary of going with too much of a "race" style clutch. You can find yourself dealing with chatter and such which will make street driving miserable.

I used a Powergrip in mine.

Thanks, I'll give them a look too!

Side note. Seems like the only option we have really is the Tilton hydraulic TOB, or is there another that I'm not seeing yet?
Lots of TOB options. I have a Tilton in my mustang and it has been very good. Would recommend. Having said that, I bought a RAM piece for use in the truck. Significant savings and looks to be (and reviews support) a good piece. RAM also has an adjustment component that you can install to really dial in the point at which your clutch pedal travel engages the clutch. I will be using this in the truck as I'm keeping the under floor mounted pedals and expect it to be necessary to really set it up as I will want.
Wasn't sure if it was the same as the tko options. When I sorted to sbf with a tkx it only showed 3 options, on Summits site.