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Soft Top Components

Discussion in 'Paint & Body' started by JonnybravoM3, Jun 14, 2018.

  1. JonnybravoM3

    JonnybravoM3 Member

    Hi all

    My 65 Mustang Soft Top has seen better days. So I'm ordering a new Scott Drake one from Summit. Apparently this comes as is, just a top with a plastic window and nothing else. My soft top is a manual mechanism.

    Thinking what other components I will need as well. Everything else works well, with the exception of the passenger side latch which doesn't close properly, overlaps when shut, so I can change that. There's also a small gap on the passenger side, maybe I'm over thinking this one. (pix attached).

    So far, this was my shopping list based on recommendations from the sales rep on live chat. Not sure if I need all of this or not, and welcome your thoughts!

    Among the items are:
    - New latch assembly with springs for driver and passenger side (my drivers side one is actually fine, issue is with my passenger side one, but when changing the top, is it best to just change both?)

    - New hold down clamps (mine are fine, when changing the top is it best to change both?)

    - Tension cable stud (not sure what this is or where it fits)

    - Weatherstrip kit (I think mine is fine but when removing the old top, might damage existing rubbers, so just in case).

    - Top pad set (not sure what this is or where it fits)

    Any advice would be much appreciated!



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