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Vintage Leds

50 vert

New Member
Great product
Great service
Great guy

Gary is very helpful, and willing to make changes depending on any odd combination you need.
His LED lights are the best available, in my opinion. As the manufacturer, he can maintain quality control ... and it shows.
A big 5 for Vintage Leds


The NorCal dude from Belgium
I am not into L.E.D. ...but when it comes to the taillights of our stangs ...they definetely need more light and L.E.D. is a very good and hidden option. FWIW.


Corn Hauler
That a big difference. I plan on replacing my old led set from another vendor soon. My old set id over 10 years old and some of them have died.

Mach1 Driver

Well-Known Member
I really like the sequential turn feature but I don't like to see individual LEDs as are clearly shown in gsxrken's post. I have seen others voice the same criticism. Vintage has about the densest pattern available, but they are still visible.
I wonder if that could be diffused with something like a section of prismatic fluorescent light lens between the board and the Stang lens? How about that Vintage- would you try that and show us the result? If that can be worked out it would sell me, and I would show it on 69Stang where others have the same problem. BTW, in your videos (on the bench) they are so bright that its difficult to see anything.