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Took the car out


I Don't Care. Do you?
I didn't wander too far off but met a couple guys with some nice rides close by. The Falcon has a 1990's mustang drivetrain and was done really well. The Mach 1 has a really great sounding built 351. Both sweet cars.
brian.jpg stuart.jpg


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Congrats looks like a really nice Saleen S281 sitting beside you. Car looks great.

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I Don't Care. Do you?
Went out again last night to another cruise night this time I ended up staying a little later than expected and found myself needing headlights to drive home. No worries about them functioning but I had yet to have the chance to get the car someplace level, big enough and with a wall against which to aim them. Found an empty store parking lot and checked that task off the punch list on the road home!


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glad you are getting to enjoy it and "tinker" rather than have a big undertaking. I hope to see it in person soon!