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replaced wheels on my 2009, now the tire pressure lightt is on


I bought a set of take offs from someones 2008 mustang. tires & rims, now the tire pressure light is on all the time. I checked the pressure & all is good. any ideas?


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I would hazard a guess that the TPM (tire pressure monitors) that are in your old tires and wheels are too far away from the car ;) and that the new tire/rims don't have new ones in them.


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One other possibility is (if the sensors are indeed on the new rims), you'll need to have the system reset. Sometimes/ some years won't register after moving the car. There's a tool that plugs into the OBD port that'll reset it. Check with some tire stores or your local dealership. If they charge at all it should be minimal.


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We used to recalibrate them for free! The tire shop that mounted your tires should calibrate your TPMS sensors.