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Original Movie car goes under the hammer in the UK


Well-Known Member
Did :gs boy have anything to do with it......if so, it is worth way more than anyone can afford......


The NorCal dude from Belgium
I love the car and would buy one , if I had the money for it.
But it has to have a aluminium 427ci BB with a man trans in it , 4 wheel disc brakes.
Don't need the airco.

Johnny M

Active Member
"AzPete" said:
Did :gs boy have anything to do with it......if so, it is worth way more than anyone can afford......

Just in case anyone is bidding on the movie car and they dont win. :gs boy has his car back on Ebay. looking $124k (down from the bargain price of $129K) with 2 free cans of :gs for repairs. Or you could make him an offer??

(love the gaps on this premium priced car) :hide

I really cant understand how no one has bought that car over the last year he has had it for sale. I thought it would've been snapped up. :shrug


New Member
its funny how so many are still jealous of this guy, johny being the most. this guy can build something like this in a driveway, sell it, profit, while some of you pay others to do most of the work for you or you never seem to finish much of your own. Im mostly a reader and i love the eleanor myself, love to see people make them step by step.


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Nick, is not only a valued customer. but he is a very good Christian friend. He has taken a beating for to long for making a mistake of using a spray foam he shouldn't have. Jesus said he who is without sin throw the first stone.


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I think one of the problems with Nick is he refused anyone's input when someone saw things not right, spray foam being only one. This was on numerous sites. Just because one complains of another's style does not mean one is jealous either.