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Newb from NV


New Member
Hi everyone! I found this forum while researching suspension mods for my 68 Mustang. It’s my first car, and it’s high time I started working on it. This looks like a great group to learn from. Thanks for letting me join!
"It’s my first car"

Welcome to the Mustang bouncy house....we have fun here. Now about that statement. You are going to have to explain that.

You're old and NOW your getting back to your first car to restore it?
You're a young guy who didn't want that new KIA and bought a OLD Mustang?
Or you've been taking the bus everywhere and now that you're in your 60s you finally bought a car?:eek:
I think this is a real person. They mention having a car and actually picked a proper year. Not sure who scared them away. But look at who “welcomed” them in post #12!
Un....I mean fortunately I have met most of you guys in person and although of questionable origins you guys are real.:p{.}
Dang, thought I'd hop on here to welcome the new fellas. Already gone :(

In case they ever come back, Shaun at SoT makes excellent coilover options for our cars, Opentracker makes quality upgrades to the stock style suspension.