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New Guy with wiring questions

Bruce Sahroian

New Member
Working on a 1969 Mustang for a friend. Did the AAW Builder Series 19 circuit kit. Of course the wiring kit isn't the classic update so now I have a few "problems"
First off the owner wanted his stock ignition and dash controls! Had to do lots of research to get that all sorted.
Now I have a problem. I saved all the wiring from the wiper switch, I know that this switch requires 3 power hook ups. But the owner wants his window washer to work. For the life of me, I cant seem to figure out just where the power to the washer pump comes from the switch?
Any help would be greatly appreciated!
P.S. I may have more questions shortly, have about 85% of the car wired
PPS. I also volunteered to do a FiTech! (stupid me)

Bruce Sahroian

New Member
OK! I see that coming from the switch harness. If that goes to the washer pump then I guess I only need to feed two power wires to the other wires (2) in the harness, one switched, and one battery? Or am I not understanding the set up as I heard the wiper motor needed a constant hot in order to park the arms after turning off the switch. (or key)
This car has been "butched" by the finest! Found a red wire coming from under the shifter that I think was the power to the radio???!!!
This car also had some rear tail lights from another planet! So I finally made contact with that co. and they told me how to wire that up!?
I did get everything ironed out for the Dakota Digital VHX Box.
Thanks for your help, Bruce

Bruce Sahroian

New Member
As my couple experiences re wiring cars have been with other brands of cars Im having to look and research almost all of my connections mostly to make sure I'm doing it right.
I revisited the wiper plug and I see the black and white wire but my lable on this wire reads "power from the flasher?" so I don't know how that washer circuit is completed? If I just hook up the washer pump to that wire, Im thinking it might not work.
We did test the NSS and Backup Lights (power probe) and what I got was NSS is open in every gear and the back up circuit didn't work at all, so Im thinking Im having to replace that switch on the Transmission. I also saw that the backup lights have been officially "brutalized" and the harness hacked. Im having the owner purchase a complete harness for this.
If you saws car, the true Mustang person would definitely not like it!
I also just got the Headlight harness from China direct! It is pretty well thought out, you feed a male headlight plug with the low and high beam wires from the harness and then just hook up the duel relays and plug and ground the headlight harness and thats it. The headlights in this car are HID as well as having LED halos on all lights, which I hooked to the "park" circuit.

Thanks for helping me,


Well-Known Member
Staff member
What you describe has a germ of truth to it, so let me try and clarify. One of the ACC-fused systems includes the radio power, backup lamp power, turn signal flasher power, and the white/black wire on the wiper switch. Since you describe the backup lights don't work, that tells me that either the fuse is bad or that something happened to that system of wires (e.g. a burned wire) that took everything related to it out. I find that the backup lamp wires down to the transmission are often times the source of shorted and burned wires when the wires are pinched; the fuse should protect the wires from burning. Too many times, folks bypass the fuse to get things to work, and that's when the wires get burned due to the dead short.