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New Edge Mustang wheels/tires


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A friend of mine just bought a Centennial 2003 Mustang (didn't know they made those). Anyway it has FR500 wheels, staggered. 17"s
He bought new wheels and tires for his 02 which he decided he liked better on the 03. So he is selling the 02 with the stock Bullit wheels and asked if I wanted the FR500's for my 99. $750 for the wheels and tires, what do y'all think?


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    Charles 03 GT 3.JPG
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    Charles 03 GT 4.JPG
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this is his 03 with the "new" wheels & tires. basically the same thing but 18"s and new (and not black)


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Fst Blk

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I think they will look good on your car. Looks like Lucas got some wheels for the 69 now :hmm



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Cool. I told the guy I want them but need to wait a couple months so I can finish the kitchen. He said he considered them sold and would hang on to them for me.
And Yes Bill, Lucas wants the Bullits for the 69!
Thanks guys.

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Craig you know you will need to run a spacer on those? I'm running SN95 spec wheels on my car 8" up front w/a 1" hubcentric spacer and 10.5 in the rear with a 7/16" hubcentric spacer. Hope this is of some help. Oh and if the front are 9" wide, good luck on using those.

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