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Microsoft office?


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Staff member
The wife's laptop crashed a couple of weeks ago. So we got her a new Dell laptop from the Costco. But the way new computers are sold now, most do not have office installed, or you get the temp version. I do not need the latest and greatest every month, just the word processing and excel. So I do not want the subscription that I have to renew every year, one time use with the product key. But here is my question. What I would like to find and buy is a multi user pack. That is the 3 to 5 user. I plan to replace this laptop soon, it is 8 years old and running windows 7. I like it, but it takes forever to boot up and shut down. I did some searching and found a site called softwareports.com that sells office 2016 for 129.99. It sounds too good to be true. Is the price so low because it is 2016 and they are releasing 2019? Again do not need the latest and greatest, just one that works. Otherwise going to be buying for her laptop, then my new one later.