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In Search Of My Dads Mustang


New Member
Back on November 15th of 1966 my dad, then 18 years old, traded in his pride and joy 1959 Pontiac Bonneville convertible for a 1967 Mustang fastback. Fast forward to December of 1967 and along comes...me. Dad had to get rid of the Mustang shortly after for something a little more family oriented.
In the following years he worked for Ford dealers in the area and even became involved, as a dealer rep, with the National Council Of Mustang Clubs (that later became The Mustang Club Of America). Growing up and though the years I always heard stories of that car, he loved that car and always missed it.

Back in June this year my dad suddenly passed away, he gave me my love for all cars and I will miss him.

Going through the house and his files I came across the actual receipt for the purchase at Pierce Ford in Hammond, IN. for the price of $2,740.80.

So here's the info on the car:

1967 FB 2+2 - Burgundy Red
Limited Slip
WW Tires
Sport Deck Rear Seat
Deluxe Seat Belts
HD Battery
HD Suspension

VIN 7F02C112818
Door Code 63A X 2A 27K 41 2A 1

I sure would like to know where this car is today. If anybody here has this car can you please let me know? I will keep it private if you wish, you can PM me.

It was suggested that I do a VIN search on Instavin and I did. It came back that there was a "title event" in 2009 in Wisconsin.

If any have suggestions on how I can trace this car back and figure out where it is or what ever happened to it I would like to hear from you.

Thanks to all in advance !


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Rapid Rabbit.
In Wisconsin iI read that a resident (WI. drivers license number needed) can do a Vehicle / Driver Record Information Request for about $5
I have a friend in WI that I will ask about this today but he travels a lot and may not be able to help me out. I appreciate the offer and may take you up on it!


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Thanks guys. My buddy in WI. is hoping to get the paperwork sent in this weekend, hopefully it will come back with some info.


Old Grumpy
Impressive. Here in CA they are too busy issuing some sort of identification cards to provide citizens with any help with historical records search. Besides, they destroy those records after five years (or some other short time frame), which is what they'ed like to do to our old cars. We've got five hour waiting periods at the DMV just to get our registration renewed. Life is great here in the People's Republic.


What did the moron say today?
Or you can use the DMV online and get it done in seconds....got to complain.


Old Grumpy
Mike: AAA is faster than screwing with the piss poor process at DMV. Unfortunately, there are transactions that AAA is not authorized to accept. That would include written testing for us old, questionable bastiges. A buddy of mine has to take the written test before his birthday next month and that will result in a 5 hour wait. When he told me about it I wish I had the benefit of your post because I could have chided him "got to complain" too. And, in fact the original subject of this thread was about the DMV providing historical information, which the CA DMV cannot because they destroy the records, as I complained earlier. I guess you are satisfied with the performance of the CA DMV but I am not. I salute your patience and willingness to eat bureaucratic crap, but the objective of CA citizens should be to force the bureaucrats to make the system useable to everyone and not those of us who can figure out ways to avoid it.


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Keep in mind that the DMV is charged, by statute, with administering the portions of the vehicle code related to vehicle registration (primarily tax collection) and driver licensing. While many complain about the decline in average driver competence consider this: Not everyone "bothers" to even apply for a drivers' license. Consider further that a large number of persons whose licenses have been suspended or revoked continue to drive anyway. Don't forget that the bugaboo of the driving test in the 1960's (parallel parking) has been off the testing criteria list for decades further lowering expectations. Last but not least, it is possible for a person who is entirely illiterate in ALL languages for which written testing is required to request a verbal exam. That's right, you don't even have to read or write ANY of the 32 languages for which written exams are provided. This was done to accommodate those adults with compromised communication skills due to inadequate/incomplete formal education. I suggest it's all about lowering the bar of competency to a level that allows people with marginal skills or understanding to "pass" a test so they stop complaining to their elected legislator. The DMV takes its marching orders from the State legislature which establishes the law and the State bureaucracy which "interprets" the law through the promulgation of administrative regulations. Putting this into context, IIRC in the mid 1970's the number of vehicles in the State was about 19,000,000, today that number has swelled to about 35,000,000. With a State population of about 38,000,000 of which about 27,000,000 are licensed and served by only 172 Field Offices, the outcome is entirely predictable.

I avoid going in to DMV unless I do not have a choice.

lol, Jeff o_O


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To get back on track......
So far striking out, evidently you have to be the owner related to the owner of the vehicle to get the registration on a vehicle.
Not sure where to look now except keeping the word out and looking at VIN's when I see a 67' Fastback.