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Harbor Freight Auto Dolly's


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So I'm about to leave again for about a year this time (will be home a couple times for short trips), but I want to slide the fastback into the far corner of the garage to decrease the likelyhood of it getting hit by the kids.

I was looking at getting two set of 2 dollys, like these.
http://www.harborfreight.com/2-piece-ve ... tml.

The only issue is that I want the car to stay where I put it and not be rollable, ie, somebody could lean against it and push it into the wall or something.

So I was thinking I could have one set of the above for the side against the wall (won't be able to lower it anyhow), one set like these so I can lower the car and render it stationary.
http://www.nationaltoolwarehouse.com/pr ... ctId=13253


Cheapest I have found the jackable ones is
http://www.amazon.com/Hydraulic-Vehicle ... 685&sr=8-2.

Oh BTW, Harbor Freight has a 25% off sale today on tools, but when I tried to checkout, a notice pops up that their website is down for maintenance. Hmm, one day sale and website down on that day. Odd.


I have a set of the HF dollies and they rate just above "sucks" for maneuverability!