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Glad to be here


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I’ve got Oval Blue in my veins. I was born and raised in Dearborn Michigan. I went to Edsel Ford High School. I’ve driven and owned Mustangs since I was 14. I can’t totally remember how many. I took 4 yrs of auto shop in HS which was basically sponsored by Ford. We had great tools, equipment, and teachers.

I’ve revived my Mustang love about 4 years ago when I bought my ‘72 Coupe to restore. Body and interior are in good shape. The disappointing part was the engine. Originally equipped with 302 and for some reason a 351M was put in 1978. I’m guessing the engine went bad and this crap engine was all they could afford. Probably got it for free. Did I mention I’m a major 351 Cleveland guy? I bought a ‘98 GT convertible a year later because I wanted something to drive around in while fixing up the old one. I’ve since done a refurbishment of that one apart from body paint. Typical clear coat peeling.

My real love has always been for a ‘71-73 Mach 1 (I’m a big guy so the older ones are tight like my ‘98). A buddy of mine in auto shop owned a ‘73 green machine as we called. Super jealous. Since COVID had us locked down and we couldn’t take our vacation cruise this year, my wife and I decided it was time for the Mach 1. In Feb 2021 I purchased a ‘72 Mach 1. All original. It sat for 15 years in a storage yard that went out of business in Southern California. It had the 351C, 2 barrel unfortunately, and the FMX transmission. I remember back in auto shop my teacher suggested I get one of these for the 351C I built back then. “Built like a tank” I seem to recall him saying. We’ll see. I’m now a few months into my restoration.

Perhaps I’ll start a post detailing all the work. I took my unwanted stimulus checks and put them use keeping CJ Pony, NPD, and Summit in business. I sourced others too but these are my primary vendors of choice.

There you go. Hope you haven’t fallen asleep reading this.

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Welcome to the Fix! It is mandatory that you share pics when you make an introduction, we are not good readers but we do like looking at cars.


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All three



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Nice! Welcome to the Fix! We can help you fix whatever isn't broken, and break whatever you fix! We're also a fairly sarcastic group as well. Good to see the 7123 break through the earlier fixation.


I Don't Care. Do you?
Glad to have you join.

We've had a run of wide body (71-73) discussion it seems lately. Your timing is right on.


Welcome truth back
Has anyone mentioned the $5,000 sign-up fee?:rolleyes:;):p

Welcome....You can ask me anything...because I don't know anything.

Oh I do have a question.
Are you done yet?;)