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Chasers 66 408 Restomod / ProTouring Coupe


66 408w, TKO600 coupe...in progress
I'm actually about 7 months into this project. It started out as a "restomod" that was going to get a 347, T5, disc brakes, and a paint job.

I'm not actually sure what happened to that original plan but I think it started with wanting 13" brakes...which led to a SoT tubular front suspension...that gave way to a 408 (build was like 2k more...seemed like the right thing to do)...which naturally needed a TKO600 and 9" rear.

I'm going to quickly bring this thread up to date without adding all the photos and junk from the VMF build thread.

October-->December: Stripped the car down including the engine bay. I mechanically stripped it with a 7" buffer and Norton discs. Sealed virtually every whole in the engine compartment to start fresh. I plan on hiding wiring so the loom holes didnt make sense...anyway. Cut out and mock installed the beCool GIANT radiator. Then painted the bay with eastwoods chassis black. Pretty damn happy with that stuff. It seems to be hella chip resistant.
I also patched the wheelhouses (clearanced the front for possible 275 tire fitment), floor boards, and other rusty areas. For structural rigidity; I added convertible inner rockers, 1 piece seat riser, front torque boxes, GT plates in the shock tower recesses, and seam welded the shock towers.

January: Installed SoT 13.25" front disc brakes w/ red calipers. Also installed their tubular front suspension w/ adjustable strut rod with the original style spring. Didnt really want to go to coilovers just yet until I can assess how the car handles with the springs. I also put in OT roller perches. I also installed lower camber plates. I'm still waiting on the 1 1/8" anti-sway bar. Sounds like most places are having trouble getting these.

February-March: Passenger door and front fenders where pretty mutilated by the PO. I've decided to start anew and purchased repops. They fit...ok. I also replaced the tail light panel, sanded more stuff, fit the GT rear valance (required adding about 1/2 to both ends), welded it to the car, welded over a few seams for a clean look, repaired the drip rails, repaired the wind sails, and sealed the radio slot (it was also mutilated by the PO). The car was put in SPI epoxy primer.

April: I picked up my 408 longblock from ZSR Engines. AFR205 heads, flat top pistons, scorpion endurance rockers, and a 600 lift cam (i think...have to check the sheet again if you REALLY want to know). I needed a break from rust repair and body work so I built the engine.
Air-Gap intake manifold, new MSD billet distributor, canton pan, M83 oil pump, FlowKooler high flow water pump, March serpentine pulleys, 3g 150amp alternator, and ARP hardware...everywhere.

I'm now doing final fitting on the doors and correctly fixing the lower cowl. I had half-assed a repair and it was making me sad. So I pulled the upper off last Saturday, ordered patches, and worked on doors in the meantime.

Phew...i think that is everything. I'll add some photos in the next post.


I Don't Care. Do you?
We have a saying in these parts.

Without pics it never happened

In the case of your car, we definitely want to see pics.


66 408w, TKO600 coupe...in progress
Some more backstory on the car...I've had this thing since 2010 but we've known eachother a lot longer. This car was initially built by a friend of mine from my home town. He was about 8 years old than me and I really looked up to him (since I was like...14). He was my Scout leader, friend, and a genuinely good dude. He was big in the community and joined the volunteer fire department. Unfortunately, in 97, he was killed in a fire call when a LP tank exploded. I was pretty devastated. Anyway, the car lay quiet for a few years when his parents sold it to a friend of his who also happened to be my boss at the time. I became the unofficial caretaker of the car for 3 years while working for him.
While I was in college, my former boss wanted to sell the car. He offered it to me first but I couldnt afford it at the time so I had to let it go (i wanted this thing so badly). He ended up selling it to a friend of mine (who knew nothing about cars...and really didnt care that much). That dude drove the car for a few years, lost interest in it, rolled it into his dad's barn in 2006, and left it there to rot. I just happened to run into him during a visit to my hometown in March of 2010. While there I asked what was going on with it. After some back and forth he agreed to sell it to me and a few weeks later I brought it home.
Between 2010 and 2014 I did some small repairs and just drove the car. The drum brakes were scary, the engine was hurting, the exhaust was bad but i drove it anyway. I think mostly to remember my friend.
In 2014 my dad purchased a 66 convertible that he wanted me to build so we traded cars (i think this was mostly due to him being jealous of mine but who knows :-D). I finished his car September of 2016, got mine back, and here we are!
I decided that I wanted to build this car right. The way that i believe Doug (my friend) would have done it. It is mine so I'm going to add my own turns to it but I'm sure he'd approve. I intend to have this car forever. I'm not sure I'll ever have kids to hand it down to but, if i do, I want them to also know the reasons for my passion into this particular car. It wont be my last build either...but this one will live in my family until I'm not here anymore.

April 2010 when I pulled it from the barn:

This is what I started with for this round (September 2016):

Also, for inquiring minds, this is how my dad's went.
Rust bucket status:

The result (CSRP disc brakes, mildly build 289, white on black interior)


66 408w, TKO600 coupe...in progress
Picture time...

Day 1:

Assessment of windsails...sad

Super sweet kicker tweeters...circa mid 90s

Mouse motel...fun fact...every build I've done, whether its a motorcycle or car, i've found a mouse

Inner Rocker:

Welded shock tower:

Oh yeah...replaced the drivers rear torque box...pretty sure this is why my rear end would wiggle sometimes getting out of the gas...

Jigged the rear so i could get the new TB exactly in place:

New tb...you'll notice I used a vert rear torquebox...cause i was using vert inner rockers it made sense

Radiator opening pre-surgery:

Radiator size differences...the beCool radiator is also lighter...

Post surgery

Stripped engine bay (after hole sealing)


One piece riser:


66 408w, TKO600 coupe...in progress
Another pic of the painted bay...i was a little proud of this:

PO butchery:

Wheel house...

Stripping it down:

Toys...hard to roll a car out of the garage with no suspension...

Wheels...i'm using TTii's for now. I like them but i'll probably change them later on. Tires are SportComp2 in 245x45R17...i'll be rolling the fenders to get them to fit

Radio hack job:

Initial repair of it...needs more finishing but you get the idea

New fenders and door...

First time out of the garage in like 5 or 6 months:


66 408w, TKO600 coupe...in progress
You'll notice i had a fiberglass, winged deck lid. I thought it looked cool in pictures...then I got it and saw it on the car. Absolutely hated it. Started to make the car look like a slo-maro so it's been ditched.
Continuing on...

TCP Manual rack and pinion -- I'll be putting a prius electric steering assist in it

Poorly fitting GT valance:

First rounds of epoxy primer...i have to do touch up as i repair things


66 408w, TKO600 coupe...in progress
Santa stopped by:

Long block:


Sort of built. I had the wrong water pump and timing cover. Those have been removed.

Test fitting in the bay. I used Ron Morris mounts. Using adjustable motor mounts is about as close to cheating as you can get putting an engine in...
This was also when i realized i had the wrong water pump...

Cowl removal:

If you look to the right of the photo you'll see my half assed repair. I'm not proud of what i did...but i'm fixing it.


66 408w, TKO600 coupe...in progress
Passenger door fitting. This has been the most frustrating part. It looks like the quarter needs some adjusting to meet the contour of the door. That's currently in progress.

Okay...i think that brings everything up to date!

The patches for the cowl come today and I'll be shooting to get that wrapped up this weekend. I have also cut the mounting seam on the quarter to the points that need adjusting. The door is where I want it so I'm going to put a stud weld on the quarter for leverage, pull it into place, and tack it down. By next weekend I should have the fenders roughed in and start fighting to get them fit.

I get about an hour with it each night and about 8 hours on the weekends. The goal is to start blocking it down in a couple weeks.


I Don't Care. Do you?
Very nice. Lots of quality work happening there. I totally get the pride in the engine bay stuff. Spent way too long in mine as well but it's one of those things to some of us.


66 408w, TKO600 coupe...in progress
Thanks guys. I work on this thing like it's a second job.

Filling in some additional details on the build goal. This is primarily a road car. It'll see some AutoX, maybe a drag race, maybe a road race...who knows...but mostly it's a drivers car. Probably be my DD during nice days when I'm not on my bike (78 Honda CB750F SS...built it about 4 years ago)

You know the engine but I'm also going to add a Holley Sniper (or FiTech) w/ a Tanks INC fuel tank. MSD 6AL. Accufab headers. 2.5" exhaust w/ crossover and dumpouts for the lols
Trans: TKO600 with the .62 gear. Modern Driveline hydraulic clutch
Rear: 9" w/ 3.70 Trutrac. For now it'll use the 5 leaf mid-eye springs. Depending on how it handles, I may add a Watts link and MAYBE coilover rear...that'll be a long off decision. I dont even have the rear.
- Disc brakes on the rear as well...11's or 12's with a parking brake
Electric fans
Vintage Air AC

Interior hasnt been planned other than black seats and speedhut gauges. No cage. I'll be building a console for it and have been kicking around the idea of building a 'command center' out of a Samsung Note8 or raspberry pi...I'm a Software Engineer by trade.

Any questions feel free to ask.


I Don't Care. Do you?
If you dont mind me inquiring, where'd you get it? I've been looking at this cat on ebay that sells converted 9's for mustangs. I think he's out of Iowa. Seems like his only offering is for trac-lok though.

Boy, when you copy me you sure go all the way. That's who's building mine. Very reputable. Does top notch work. Forget the E-Bay path. Go to the website
He can do anything you want. I'm getting a custom length housing and axles along with a True trac center section. He has his own brand axles along with Moser and also parts from just about every big name in the business.


Active Member
Boy, when you copy me you sure go all the way. That's who's building mine. Very reputable. Does top notch work. Forget the E-Bay path. Go to the website
He can do anything you want. I'm getting a custom length housing and axles along with a True trac center section. He has his own brand axles along with Moser and also parts from just about every big name in the business.
I have a rear housing from them on the Coupe, very nice quality.

You have done amazing work, Chaser, makes me jealous. I went with the same brakes on the fastback, just went with a different color.