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'70 Tail light leaks


My Mach 1 tail lights have an 1/8" or more gap between the lens and the bezel.
I have new gaskets on the inside but cannot see anything that should be fitted between the lens and the bezel on the outside so I get water coming into the trunk.
Am i missing something obvious?
The PO had sealed the lens to the bezel with silicone and kindly stuck labels inside the trunk telling you to cut the silicone before trying to take the light units out!


The new gaskets are but the lens and bezel are original.
Was the design for water to run between the lens and bezel and then to run out the bottom of the bezel to the outside?

The sticks are 2mm thick so the gap is around 2.5mm.

Does anyone know how much gas was in an original 1970 a/c system, I'm trying to get mine re-gassed but they all want to know how much should be in it and I've seen anything from 1.5lbs to 2lbs stated.


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Mine have a gap on one lens .097 with a feeler gauge. but the other 2 lens are tight.

The lens is original, but the bezels are repros.

Hard to see in the picture.


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All the diagrams I've seen only show the big inside rubber seal so i'm starting to believe that the "water tight seal" was between the seal and the inside face of the panel expecting any water to run back out the underside of the bezel ( I remember there being a small cut out on the bottom edge of the bezel) if so mine is just not sealing that well.
I might have to get in the boot and get the other half to put the hose on it just to make sure it is the tail lights and not the trunk lid ( new seal so should be ok) or something else.

Thanks for the input