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2023 Hot August Nights Part duex

Yes I am. I took 250 pics and for SF I need to reduce their size and then post....ah...nope.
Besides...I'm prepping for our next trip. Getting the burrito ready to go.
I'd prefer that we meet on our own somewhere...drive the Mustangs of course. The rates at GSR are ridiculous.:mad:
Did you get the rate for show participants?! I had gambled there so they comped me some of the days- that's another way
My husband Danny & I (Trisha) met you and your wife at your car. We have the California Special, you mentioned this site. Is anybody here joining the cruise to Mecum auction in Monterey?
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Ah yes...Just responded to you on the newbie section.
We'll get together when I get back.
I have Lightroom so I lightened up the group photos a bit so we can all see each other! (Hey, that guy we had take the group pic did a real shit job eh!)

Edit-SF 02Aug23 HAN 113 StangFix Gang.jpg

Edit-SF 02Aug23 HAN 117 StangFix Gang.jpg
I'll post some of my pics later as I get through them, but for now instead I'll post interesting stats!!

For my HAN trip...
- I drove 3,806 miles
- I averaged 18.3 mpg (20mpg in Arizona, 17.6 in Texas! Best of 24.4)
- I used 198.45 gallons of gas
- The gas (premium) cost me $877.66 :eek: