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1967 Build called Electra


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Wanted to start a thread for everyone to follow as I build my mustang.

Shes a 1967 Mustang Coupe that originally had a 200 Ci 4 lug with 3.20 gears in it. Stock painted Gold, Manufactored in Deaborn MI requested district from New Orleans, and built October 18th 1967. It was originally restored in 2000 using Candy apple red and at some point converted to a 302 engine, 5 lug with 8" rear end with 2.80 gears . She runs strong is pretty straight, and just needs some TLC and upgrades.

I want this to just be a cruiser but have some more modern drivability

My Plans:
Remove the small amounts of rust.
Upgrade to front disc brakes
Upgrade the Power Assist steering to isuzu steering (Maybe)
Upgrade the rear end gears
Paint (Charcoal or Blitz Black)
Upgrade the suspension
Needs carpet and Dynamat
Clean up electrical problems (Passenger side lights are dim)
Upgrade lighting with H4 Bulb setup and Relay Harness
Eventually maybe upgrade to a T5 (Not an immediate need)
Upgrade the stereo equipment as it has blown speakers in the rear
Reupholster the High Back Buckets to Leather or Vinyl (Red and black interior)


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Today I wire wheeled the trunk and found a few small holes so i welded those up and then coated the trunk with POR-15. Only 1 coat so far

Also wire wheeled the passenger side floor pan...It has a bunch of small holes so i may cut it out and replace the whole floor pan



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"JRANGER" said:
built October 18th 1967
Had to have been 1966 for a '67 model. October 18, 1967 would have been a 1968, if Ford hadn't been on strike in October 1967.

Good luck with your plans, and welcome to Stangfix.


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Well a little more work today...The POR-15 dried and looked horrible because its gloss black but that didnt matter anyway since its not UV protected. I scuffed it up and put 3 coats of Dupli Color Bed Armour on it. Ill take pics and post them up in a bit when it drys out some.


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Still not completely dry but the matte finish of Bed Liner is much nicer then gloss black. With a quart of POR-15 and 3 Coats of Bed Armour im pretty sure the trunk will hold up lol



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Bought a few small things from CJPONYPARTS

Long Passenger Side Floor Panel Patch
Oil Sender Switch Gauge Style 1965-1989 - This says if i have the stock wiring ill need an adapter so i assume i dont have stock wiring...But ill find out
Temperature Sending Unit 9/1/1965-1995
Trunk Weatherstrip Coupe/Convertible 1965-1970
Scott Drake Manual Shifter Boot Upper 1965-1968
Hood To Cowl Seal 1967-1968
Manual Shift Screw 4 Black (Hope this is for the boot attachment)


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Well nothing to report on the mustang but me and a bunch of truck buddies get together monthly to work on our old school chevy/gmc trucks. Today was our good buddy Rus's work day. We managed to tear down the front clip on one of the trucks he is working on and dissembled the frame for his bagged dually build Unfortunately i might of did a lil too much as my knee swelled up and i had to leave early but live and learn. Hope everyone is having a good weekend